Werewolves (classified Type 3) are post-Human supernatural beings who, upon the rising of the full moon every month, transform into fearsome, wolf-like monsters. In their Human form, a Werewolf cannot be distinguished from normal Humans, although their senses of smell and hearing seem to sharpen before and after the full moon. During the full moon, Werewolves become savage beasts with great strength and ferocity over which they have no control. The Werewolf curse is normally passed on when a Human is scratched by a transformed or partially transformed Werewolf. The only known method of curing Lycanthropy is by destroying the Devil, though the only known example of this "cure" was shown to be an illusion.


A Werewolf's transformation itself would kill a normal Human within thirty seconds. The heart stops and shrinks by two-thirds, whilst the Werewolf also experiences liver and kidney failure as all other organs must shrink as well. The Werewolf's bones then break and begin to reshape and reform. The Werewolf's throat and vocal cords will begin to tear and reform, which in turn will for a while leave the Werewolf unable to talk or scream. The pituitary glands will then attempt to ease the pain by flooding the body with endorphines, however it will have shut down by this time too.

Once the internal changes have taken place, the external changes begin. Fangs grow in, and the fingernails and toenails grow out to form claws, whilst the face and skull reform to form a snout. The spine enlarges and the vertebrae push out on the skin, whilst fur begins to sprout from all over the body. The skin under this fur also seems to become much darker as well. The eyes change from their normal colour to a yellow, more animalistic form. The body becomes hunched over although the Werewolf retains the ability to walk upright on two legs. By this stage the Werewolf will have lost their human mind and have fully transformed into their wolf form. Upon completion of the transformation, the wolf usually lets out a long howl.